Sunday, November 29, 2015

Mini-mittens for Advent Calendar
Today is the first Sunday of Advent.  December starts on Tuesday and with it the count down to Christmas Day.  When the kids were young, I had two Playmobil Advent calendars and we would take out a toy every day, or sometimes multiple toys to catch up, and build a holiday scene.  I loaned both of them to a young woman with a 3 year old son who is very excited by all things Christmas.

I am making myself a more elegant calendar out of knitted,, miniature mittens.  I think I can make 25 of them and find something to hang them on between now and Christmas eve.  I want to fill them with activities to mark the season so I have been looking at on-line lists.  I found a Unitarian Universalist Advent Calendar created by the Reverend Ralph Yeager Roberts, the United Church of Christ's Weekly Seeds with Bible readings and commentary, and a variety of lists of family focused events.  I ended up making up my own list that incorporates the various parties and activities that I have planned, other holidays, and trips to different museums and concerts in the local area.  I am looking forward to it.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Chipotle Cranberry Sauce and Cranberry Chutney

This year, I decided to stay home for Thanksgiving on my own.  I didn't make turkey or any traditional side dishes, instead I spent part of the afternoon experimenting with cranberry recipes.  I tried two of the five cranberry sauces featured on the Tasting Table. On the left is a pureed cranberry sauce with chipotle peppers and lime juice, it has a substantial kick and looks like cranberry red catsup.  On the right is a cranberry chutney with a delicate balance between spicy and sweet.  I also made Sticky Cranberry Gingerbread using Melissa Clark's recipe from the New York Times.  Baking the gingerbread made the whole house smell like holiday baking.  Despite claiming not to be a fan of cranberries, my daughter keeps eating it and any unattended scraps are quickly scarfed up by one of the dogs.