Friday, January 15, 2016

Challenge Day 12 through 15

During the week, I had some evening commitments so I picked out some simpler, less involved projects for weeknight starts.

Start number 12 is Full Winter Moon.  It was a free Wichelt pattern designed by Katherine Moser for Brown House Studio.   The design included a skinny snow man dressed in scarf and hat with two scrawny evergreen trees on either side, a bird, and a full moon.  It is stitched in a combination of overdyed cotton floss from Stranded by the Sea and DMC floss.  I am stitching it on a piece of pale lavender evenweave fabric.

Start number 13 is Peppermint Pig by Tempting Tangles.  I bought this and kitted it up to make for Perry a few years ago, thinking that it would be a good addition to her pig collection.  Like so many things, I never started it and it has languished in my stash.  Now it is started.  I am not enthralled with Quaker medallions so this may take a wile to finish.

Start number 14, and finish number 1, is another Silver Needle Secret Needle Night piece called Autumn Awes Me.  I had plans to finish all four of these seasonal pieces and put them into a wall quilt but one of the kids or a pet spilled lamp oil all over the first one that I finished.  I may have had to throw it away.  I am not sure what I will do with just three of the seasons, but they are cute and quick to stitch.

Start number 15 is Harvest by Mill Hill.  These small bead and button pieces are stitched on perforated paper.  They are cute and look good when they are completed but they are a surprising amount of work to complete.

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