Saturday, January 23, 2016

Challenge Day 20 through 23

One of the reasons I participated in this challenge is to force me to look at the needlework projects I have collected over the years and to decide which ones I want to stitch and which ones I do not.  I have decided that I really don't want to stitch all of the Mill Hill kits that I have, the idea of stitching and beading on perforated paper does not appeal to me.  So I have changed my list of projects a bit and added some Ewe and Eye scissor companion kits.

My day 20 challenge piece is the St. Nick Scissor Companion from Ewe and Eye.  The stitching is hard to see but I made good progress in my hour of stitching and when he is done he should look quite jolly attached to a red pair of scissors.

Day 21 is another Ewe and Eye Scissor Companion, this one is Big Berry.  It is accompanied by a pair of embroidery scissors with a pink handle.  It is working up very quickly.

Day 22 is another one over one piece, the 1996 Annual Ornament from The Heart's Content.  I quite like the outer border with its bright colors and simple motifs.  A fir tree covered with snow will occupy the center when it is completed.

I started another sampler on Day 23, The Betsy Davis Sampler by Joanne Harvey of The Exemplarery.  This is a pretty sampler with some free embroidery on it and it is not overly large.  It was a Lake Michigan Sampler Guild workshop.

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