Sunday, January 31, 2016

Challenge Day 28 through 30

I am winding down on my new starts for January 2016.

On Day 28, I started My Quaker House by Blackbird Designs.  This pattern is included in small book and it is a colorful alphabet with Quaker motifs and a house at the top.  The stitching went quickly and I like the colors, it should be fun to finish.

On Day 29, I started Angel's Song by Shepherds Bush.  Tina Richards' designs were my introduction to silk threads, beads, and the addition of decorative stitches to contemporary samplers.  The angel at the top is odd looking, but the sampler is rather pretty and it should be fun to work on.

For Day 30, I selected a crewel kit by Elsa Williams.  I have been reading Mary Corbet's blog Needle'n Thread for some time and admiring her crewel work and use of color.  Working on this piece will give me a chance to try some of that embroidery myself and to play with shading.  It took me forever to separate all the colors of wool in the kit and then to get the fabric set up in the hoop on a stand that I acquired from another stitcher.  Once it was all set up, it was easy to work on.

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