Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Challenge Days 16 through 19

My Day 16 challenge piece is the calendar and initial tag that I stitched for my 2016 Secret Stitcher from EAC Virtual Threads.  For Day 17, I started a Gay Ann Rogers piece called Sampler with a Pearl.  I got it mounted on a scroll frame and the basting done.  This is an old teaching piece.  I didn't attend the class myself, I purchased the kit from the estate of another stitcher.  Quite a few of the instructions are hand drawn, but they are as complete as any of Gay Ann Rogers current pieces.  The piece is full of different types of open work which will be fun to stitch.

My Day 18 start is Halloween at Hollyberry Farm by Notforgotten Farms.  As I was stitching, I realized that I don't have close to enough thread to complete the project, I didn't notice that the materials list includes different size skeins of the threads.  I like the piece and so I will have to go shopping to ensure that I have enough thread to finish it.  Since the fabric is overdyed and there are quite a few separate large motifs, I should be able to make skeins of different dye lots work.

My Day 19 start is another Halloween piece, Jack-a-rachnid by Tempting Tangles.  This is an ornament pattern that was published in the September/October 2013 issue of Just Cross Stitch Magazine.  I think it is cute and will be fun to stitch.

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