Friday, January 8, 2016

Knitting with Bulky Yarn

In general, I like to work with fine yarn and small needles to create things that contain a lot of detail.  I have small hands and short fingers, and actually have trouble holding onto large needles for very long.  But sometimes it is very satisfying to work on a project with large needles and large yarn.  There is the instant gratification of finishing something quickly, and there is the squishy warmth to enjoy in items made out of bulky and super-bulky yarns.  In December, I started and finished the Common Bean Shawl.  This week, I made a Cabled Hat using Lion Brand's Hometown USA in Gators (Illini colors too).  It was a quick project and came out well.

I also continued to make Warm Up America afghan squares with left over bulky yarn.  The red and gray square is knit in two stitch check using slip stitches and knitting with only one color in each row.  The other square is in a pattern called Thermal Underwear, I think it would work well in a larger piece with finer yarn and smaller needles.  

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