Sunday, January 17, 2016

Secret Stitcher 2016

The Embroiderer's Association of Canada has a lot of cool teaching projects and is very affordable to join.  They have an on-line chapter called Virtual Threads which is very active and plans lots of activities and events.  This year, I have decided to participate in them and joined the two Secret Stitcher programs.

I received a very cute bookmark calendar that can be embellished with stitching and a Rosewood Manor thread bobbin.  The bookmarks are cute and the stitching embellishment is a fun additional touch.  The thread bobbin is also cute and since I love tools of all kinds, it is a great gift for me.

I decided that I would stitch some things for my Secret Stitcher and picked some charts out of the February 2016 issue of The CrossStitcher.  I stitched a cute black cat curled up on a black chair and an alphabet with a threaded needle attached to each letter.  I backstitched around the cat and then cut a couple threads away from the stitching, removing the loose threads to create a short fringe, and then inserted the fabric between the cover and front page of a small calendar.  I finished the initials in a similar fashion and then glued them to a small chalkboard tag.  Both the calendar and the tag came from Target.  I think they are cute and I hope that my partner likes them.  I am counting them as my 16th start and second finish for the 2016 challenge.

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