Saturday, March 5, 2016

Costumes of Downton Abbey at the Driehaus Museum

I went to the Driehaus Museum to attend a presentation by Carol Wallace, the author of To Marry an English Lord which inspired Downton Abbey.  After the presentation, I toured the museum and looked at the exhibit of costumes from Downton Abbey.  The detail on the costumes is fantastic and it is interesting to learn which pieces were original and which were recreations.

 This wine colored dress that was created to show off the original antique beaded rectangular panel in the center is one of my favorite costumes in the exhibit.  The color and the beading were beautiful.  The combination of the antique with the modern additions created a perfect period dress.

I also liked this blouse.  I like the combination of the sheer floral print with the sold, the small, delicate ruffle and the fact that the floral is repeated in the cuffs.  I may try to recreate it as part of my historical sewing challenge.

 The building itself is fantastic.  It was built as palatial home during the Gilded Age and has been completely renovated.  It currently houses original pieces and selections from the Driehaus collection.  There are some fantastic pieces of stained glass in the house, beautiful Tiffany chandeliers, and beautiful sculptures.  I was fascinated by the tile wall coverings.  The tile from the smoking room walls is pictured to the right, below is a picture of the decorative tiles on the wall of an upstairs bathroom.

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